Terms And Policies

At PipsHunt, we won't be providing you with any sort of commercial guidance as our sole purpose is to present you with educational perspectives. Providing legal economical services are BEST-suited for the financial advisors, not us.

Because we have nothing to do with the legal financial factors and also it'll be for everyone's betterment not to use the information provided by our experts in any sort of other economic activities. Just think of us as a FOREX educational-based website where we opt to share knowledge.

Besides, certain things need to be CRYSTAL clear such as there is no guarantee that you'll make revenue or profit all the time whenever we give you the GO. It doesn't matter whether you are the BEST trader ever existed, you simply can't get consistent profit all the time as some trades will always end in loss. What we are trying to say is simple, both the profit and losses you'll be making with us will count as yours.

You can't BLAME or hold PipsHunt responsible for these actions afterwards. Therefore, if you are interested in working with us then you have to accept the Terms of Use and Disclaimer which we hold.

PipsHunt was not formed to be a registered investment broker or consultant because it was never the intention. As a result, we don't consult selling or buying any sort of economical instruments.

There is always a room for error as the universe itself is not ABSOLUTE. So, when we disclose that our provided info is accurate then it is accurate 85% of the time as nothing is really absolute.

So, you've to take a leap of faith from time to time. Because the third parties who provide us with the knowledge and tech-based solutions can't pull everything off sometimes.

Due to that, we face difficulties in delivering information at the right time. Which is obviously nothing to do with us as that is not in our hands. Also, we won't be held responsible if any damage or loss may occur directly or indirectly from our services.