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Become a local depositor in FreshForex and start earning right now

Local depositor service first started in 2020 and by now represented in a number of countries such as RSA, Nigeria, Botswana, Malaysia, Indonesia, etc. Our partnership is not just a payment method, it’s a career opportunity.

1. Who is a Local depositor?
2. Why do clients prefer Local depositor service?
3. How do Local depositors earn in FreshForex?
4. What’s the advantage of being a Local depositor?
5. Who can become a Local depositor?
6. How to become a Local depositor of FreshForex?
7. What do our partners say about us?

Who is a Local depositor?

Local depositor is a payment agent (a person or a company) responsible for transferring payments to and from accounts.

Local depositor takes full responsibility for deposits and withdrawals via this method. The Company is not accountable for these transactions.

Why do clients prefer Local depositor service?

1. Free-of-charge operations for FreshForex clients.
2. Simplified process of making a deposit: a payment agent will handle all the necessary procedures. 
3. The ability to use any accessible means of depositing and withdrawing included those not provided by the website.
4. Higher availability comparing to other methods that could have technical problems.
5. On hand consultation with experienced traders.

How do Local depositors earn in FreshForex?

Weekly payouts based on the results of previous week, a fixed percentage from processed operations (deposits\withdrawals).

What’s the advantage of being a Local depositor of FreshForex?

1. In-demand service with constant influx of clientele.
2. Multiple partnership programs.
3. Sponsorships provided by FreshForex.
4. Forex affiliation with constant informational support.
5. Additional benefits for Local depositors for an extra payout.

Who can become a Local depositors?

1) blogger or influencer of any kind;
2) experienced trader with extended network;
3) active IB partner of FreshForex;
4) currency exchanger;
5) owner of forex academy, organizer of the forex seminars and classes;
6) manager of trading accounts.

How to become a Local depositor of the company FreshForex?

Register on our website and send a request to partner@freshforex.com with the message “I want to become a Local depositor in FreshForex”, send us your WhatsApp or Telegram number for closer communication.

What do our partners tell about their partnership with us?

Abdullahi, Nigeria, a partner and a Local depositor since 2020:

Working with FreshForex as a Local depositor allows me to help all my students to make deposits easier and faster without limitations. And what I love from FreshForex most of all is very fast withdrawal.

Me and my team are also partners in FreshForex company, because of good trading conditions into financial market which are easy to promote to our students.
Abimbola, Nigeria, a partner and a Local depositor since 2020:

My Partnership with Freshforex has been proved to be one of the best among all. It is quite rewarding in terms of payment for virtually all trading operations of my clients.
As a partner I enjoy a monthly commissions of attracted clients by me.

In addition to that, being a Local Depositor is also exciting. It makes dealing with Freshforex worthwhile. Clients fund their accounts and make withdrawal through Freshforex Local Depositors of which I am one, in their local currency. This has served as a good selling point for the existing and potential clients.

The best is however yet to be accomplished, in terms attracting clients and more empowerments for the partners and Local  Depositors.

Publicity and advertisement need to be considered as a game of an utmost importance. It is highly recommended to be advertised on radio, social media, to organize seminars and workshops and campaigns through different sources.

As a partner I have been involved in some of these and I have come to realize that with more efforts, there is bound to be a greater results.
Thomas, Tanzania, Local representative since 2021:

There are many advantages to work with FreshForex company, as a Partner I benefit from commissions. It's very easy to attract clients because of simple verification process, instant deposit and withdraw, bonuses and good customer service.
Michael, Indonesia, a partner and a Local depositor since 2021:

It’s always nice to work with FreshForex as a Local depositor. Besides the commission scheme which is one the best in the industry, their partner supporting department also very responsive. FreshForex also has good introducing broker program. And for the client, they provide lots of attractive bonuses.
Alejandro, Panama, Local representative and depositor since 2021:

Having a partnership with FreshForex has been a great experience for us. Great platform, great bonuses and always a reliable relationship. We are so happy to having them to expand in Latinoamerica.
Jean Desire, Zambia, a partner and a Local depositor since 2021:

As a Local Depositor for Freshforex, I have been transferring deposits and withdrawals for FreshForex clients. I get new clients via advertising in Social Media, or by recommendations from served clients.

Clients facing technical issues have been helped through support. It is a great experience to work with FreshForex and I appreciate it’s customer care centered on a client.